Dear Diary,

HELLO!!!  How is everyone doing???  I’ve missed you guys!  I have a lot I want to update on!  I hope you’re all ready for a longgg post!

First of all, I’m SO ready for AC: New Leaf!  SO READY!  My hubby bought me a pink & white 3DS XL for my birthday so I’m more ready than ever now.  I’ve decided that I’m not ready to give-up on Beachy.  I love Beachy!  I’m going to continue to update this blog and post about Beachy until AC:NL comes out and then I will start blogging (on this same blog) about my new town.

(BRB – Going to grab the picture thing out of my Wii)


Check out that bed-hair! & the winter sweater…just sad.

There I am…dazed and confused…thinking it’s still winter.  I was excited to see that my ‘mom’ had sent me a birthday card 🙂


And the villagers remembered too 🙂


My birthday was March 23rd.  I turned 28.  Yes, I’m old.  Very old.

It took me FOREVER to get my town under-control.  I had to pull TONS of weeds, get rid of the dandelions, gather up all the flowers and put them in my favorite little flower storing spot (I’ll show you!)


I also took some time to fix my paths.  The last time I played, I pulled up a lot of the rock paths near the beach and I was really missing them so I decided to put them ALL back 🙂



I know it’s probably silly but I was just so used to those paths, they had been there for YEARS that it just didn’t feel like Beachy without them.  I’m glad they’re back!!!

After I spruced up the town, I went to the beauty shop…thank goodness, huh?!

–Editing to add:  I thought I had just lost this post but ::YAY:: it’s still here!!!–


I thought the pony-tail looks more summery.


I have to tell you guys, WordPress seems to have changed a LOT of how things are done and I’m really not liking it.  If I can’t figure all this newness out, I may be switching to a new blogging site for NL!

I’ll post a few random pics now.  I finished up my first day back by fishing (my favorite!), buying a few items from the shops that I didn’t have, and catching up with the villagers.



I just want to say that I LOVE Puddles!  LOVE!!!  She is my favorite villager!  She’s been in Beachy since the beginning and I hope she never leaves!  I broke my own rule and asked her to stay a while back because I really don’t want to lose her.

Anyways, I’m exhausted so it’s off to bed for me.  I hope you guys have a great week!!!  I will leave you with a love-fortune from the lovely phone 😉


True story, lovely phone!  Goodnight, fellow AC lovers!



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Dear Diary,

Well…I tried to find Wisp.



LOL, it didn’t work out!  (oops!  I didn’t mean to have the pointer in my pic…)  I know shaking trees isn’t part of finding Wisp but I got bored running around my town trying to listen for him so I decided to shake some trees.  2 lamps now, no Wisp.  I’m sad that he seems so hard to find.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong?  Any tips, AC fans???


Today was pretty uneventful.  No hybrids 😦  The only new flower I found in town was a white Pansy.  I think I was trying to grow a blue Pansy but I don’t remember the combos right now, lol!

I did a little wifi’ing with a few new friends 🙂  I love visiting with people SO much!  It truly makes the game!!!  Here are a few pics to show:


“Rain – rain, go away…or stay…whichever.”


Matching eyes! I hardly this eye style on other characters!

I went to my friend Miss Sue’s town but sadly, I didn’t get any pics of us together!!!  Sorry, Miss Sue!!!  I thought I had 😦  she had a few friends over that I got to run around with 🙂 they’re all so cute!!!  Miss Sue has her town set to Summer.  It was July in her town and the green grass was VERY welcome to my eyes!

Well, that’s all I have for today!  I hope you’re all having a great week!  It’s over half over now, woot!!!



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Dear Diary,

So much happened in Beachy today that it feels like I spent my entire day there…(and I kinda wish I had…)

I got to Beachy around 4:30 pm and was so excited to see SUNLIGHT!  It gets dark so early now!  When I came out of my house I was greeted by Pete 🙂 He had a letter for me from Nintendo!!!  I love getting letters from Nintendo because they almost always include PRESENTS from Nintendo!


This pic almost looks like Summer! So sunny!


“I’ll do it! Just for you Nintendo!”

Ah ha!  I’ve been hearing about this item in the ACC forums!



Jingle TV!!!  Woot!  Look at my house…so NOT ready for Christmas!  I need to fix that ASAP.

OH!  Remember yesterday how I said I had a fall outfit on the way?  It arrived 🙂


Fall, I have arrived!

Now I finally look season appropriate!  Speaking of, I can’t wait to see some SNOW!!!  I’ll just have to be patient I guess…but it’s hard!

As I was walking around my town checking for wild flowers and weeds (like I always do when I first get there) I found something interesting…


“Oh, lamp…why must you taunt me so…”

An EMPTY LAMP 🙂  (P.S. as of right now, I still haven’t found Wisp 😦 maybe I’ll play a bit more in a few minutes but I’m pretty tired…this is the 2nd time I’ve found a lamp but haven’t found Wisp…)

I was excited to have some friends over today 🙂 I haven’t wifi’d in FOREVER it feels like!  Sadly, I only snapped 2 pictures (& they’re of me and my new friend Kat).  Wifi was being a bugger so my other sessions were cut pretty short 😦  Here’s me and Kat 🙂


Isn’t she adorable with her red cheeks & gold watering can?


Introducing her to Tabby.

Her character is super cute!  We had a nice time in Beachy 🙂

After Kat left, I decided to spend some time arranging some flowers.  I hope they spawn lots of new flowers (especially some hybrid flowers…please please!).  My town is looking pretty dull right now…


2 reds make a…purple?

Also after my wifi session, I was able to do some fishing and I caught a TUNA!!!  This means I only like 1 fish, the Dorado…I believe it’s only available in Summer so I have a lot of time to prepare for it I guess…


Look out, Dorado…you’re NEXT!

OH OH!  & I guess my villagers could guess I was feeling a little lonely after my new friend left so they invited me to play a game of hide-and-seek with them 🙂  It makes me sooo happy to win against them!


“Your flowers & sparkles don’t intimidate me, Grizzly!”


“Just lucky I guess…”


“I don’t imagine you’d be very tasty…”


“Kangaroo, I see yoo…”


::: cough :: cough ::: …”sore loser”… ::: cough :::

LOL!!!  “Pickle and can me”???  Really, Grizzly?!  He’s so cute!!!

After playing out in the cold I decided to take a trip to see Brewster & let him know I’m back in town 🙂 word must have gotten around because he said he had been expecting me…odd.



Oh well, his coffee warmed me right up!  I’m sure he’ll be seeing a lot more of me as the weather gets colder.

As always, I hope you’re all having a great week!  I’ll end this post with a few random balloon pics becuase, if you’ve read this blog for very long, you know that I LOVE THEM!


This is for the kid who posted a very rude comment on my Town Tour video.


So very very Fall!



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Dear Diary,



I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since I last posted on this blog!  It actually makes me really sad 😦  I’ve thought a lot about Beachy over the past 18 months & I’ve finally decided it’s time to go back!

I was actually surprised that not a lot has changed.  Amelia had moved out (I wasn’t at all close to her anyway) & an adorable squirrel named Static has moved in 🙂  I was really excited to see Static!  I had him in my WW town for a very long time.


That was a bit harsh…

He’s just as nasty as ever, lol!  P.S. Check out my pink summer outfit and that gorgeous hair!  I actually DID play a few times earlier this year so I’m still in heat-wave attire.  I ordered a new fall outfit from Nook’s 🙂 Should be here tomorrow!

I took a trip to the city to get my hair stled.


Maybe now Static won’t tease me…maybe…

I just think Shampoodle is sooo cute!!!  I ended up going with dark brown for the winter 🙂 and a nice semi-formal do for all the upcoming Christmas parties!  (If you’re having one, feel free to invite me over!!!  I’m looking to re-fill my friends list!)

Here’s a pic of me, Samson, Static, and Grizzly :


Me, Samson, Static, Grizzly (I need more humans…)

I’m sorry, guys!  I really thought I had taken more pics…I think I must have deleted them when I was clearing out old pics from my last plays 😦 oops!  They weren’t THAT exciting anyways.

Here’s the jist of what’s not in a cute picture:  I finally caught a sea-butterfly (and once I caught 1, I caught 6 lol!).  Now, just working on a Tuna & a…Dorado?  I think?  Whatever the 2nd one is, I know it’s only available in Summer so I have a bit to wait.  Also, I’m working on completing my catalog.  AC: New leaf is on it’s way and I’d really like to have AC: City Folk as completed as I can…I hate feeling like I’ve missed out!

Anyways, it’s almost my bed time.  I hope you’re all still enjoying your games!  Feel free to leave me your friend-codes and I’ll add you.  My information is still the same as it’s always been 🙂  Just check the page above!

Chat at you guys again soon!



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Dear Diary,

Hola, amigos!  This past week has been pretty eventful in Beachy so I have a few things to update ‘ya on 🙂 Yay!

First of all, it’s my absolute FAVORITE time of the year! CHERRY BLOSSOMS!  I LOVE the pink trees & I love it even more when their pretty pink leaves are blowing all over town!  Gorgeous!

Sooo pretty!!!

"I know, I know!"

 I hope you all were able to visit your own towns and see the Cherry Blossom’s for yourself.  It really is a neat time in AC.

So, not only did we have Cherry Blossom’s this week but we also had the Fishing Tourney today & Beachy got a new resident! Woot woot!!!  I didn’t have much time to participate in the tourney today but when I left Beachy I was in the lead with a Sea Bass 🙂 I’m pretty sure I won last year so I won’t be TOO heart broken if I don’t win this year.  At least I was able to participate for a short bit 🙂

Woot woot!

Catching up with Chip 🙂

And last but not least, let’s talk about my new neighbor!

I was so excited to wake up and see that someone had moved into Kitty’s old house plot!!!  I always loved having a neighbor living so close to me, you really get to know them when they’re RIGHT outside your house lol!  So, without further ado, I will show you a picture journal of how my meeting we nt:

"I have a new neighbor! Who is it???"

"Mathilda? Who's that???"


Yay!!!  I’ve never had a kangaroo in any of my AC towns so I’m pretty excited about having her!  Look at her cute little baby 🙂 I’m not going to be the only mommy in Beachy 🙂 (For those of you who don’t get on ACC or who haven’t read my updated ‘about me’ page, I’m expecting a little bundle of joy at the end of November!) I hope I can keep her around until the end of the year, lol!  Exciting!

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this week.  As usual, I’ll leave you with some cutsie around town pics. 

So much red! Red carns, apples, & balloon!

Puddles & I in matching outfits, cute!

So much PINK! Pink roof, tulips, outfit, & balloon! ❤

& that’s all for this week.  I hope you’re all having a great time in AC and in real life!  The weather’s gorgeous both places for me right now so I couldn’t be happier 🙂 Let me know how you all do in the tourney!  Good luck!


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AC:3DS Mini Gameplay Video

Hey, everyone!  I’m sure most of you have already seen this on the Nintendo Channel on your Wii or on Youtube but I wanted to go ahead and post it for those of you who maybe haven’t seen it 🙂

Pretty cool, huh?!  Still hoping for new furniture sets, clothing, and villagers ::please please please:: because all of the items in that video looked…well…exactly the same as they have since I’ve been playing AC.

What do you guys think of the video?

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Dear Diary,


Hola, my friends!  I hope you’re all doing great!  I just got back to Beachy 4 days ago after a 3 month vacation, I missed it sooo much!  It feels so great to be back in Beachy & to see GREEN GRASS!!!  I love Spring!  The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom and my town is looking gorgeous!

I woke up on April 1st with a terrible case of bed-head and still wearing my winter sweater, gross!


My mailbox was nearly full with letters from Mom & notices from Town Hall about this & that.  Oh, and I got a letter from Fang 😦 he had moved away.  He was so cute & will be missed!!! 

After checking my mailbox I decided to roam around and see what kind of damage had been done in my absence.  You would think that one of my townies could take over weed-pulling for me…but no.

Weeds as far as the eye can see...

Weeds & wild flowers covered Beachy.  I decided to hold-off on the town grooming and do a little self-grooming.  I took myself to the city to see Harriet and let her deal with the situation on my head 😉 She gave me a cutsie spring bob with bangs, perfect!

Cute hair, cute trees ❤

I spent the next few days prettying up my town.  I took all of my hybrids out of storage & began the big task of placing them around town.

The flowers filled up my entire nook & still spilled out over the path!

I’ve officially finished decorating Beachy & it looks great.  I have a lot of flowers but not so many that it takes forever to water.  I like to water all of my flowers daily instead of only watering wilted ones.  I don’t like the look of wilted flowers, yuck, so to me it’s well worth it.

Spring colored Cosmos around my fountain ❤

Red Carnations decorate Beachy's museum.

That’s all my updating for today 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  I’m so glad to be back in Beachy!  I missed it muchos.  I also recorded a new Town Tour that I’ll have up probably later today & I’ll be working to update my blog pages (especially house tours & villager list) over the next several days 🙂

I missed you guys!  Here’s a cutsie balloon pic to end 🙂

Ciao for now.

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